Good Bicycle Maintenance Depends on Thorough Cleaning

An expert in attracting new talent to her hospital, Jill Marten brings considerable industry experience to her work as corporate director of human resources at Baptist Health South Florida in Miami. In this position, Jill Marten develops practices and procedures for outpatient clinics and other locations. Pursuing an active life outside of work, Marten has competed in a bicycle race for multiple sclerosis.

An important part of cycling and bicycle ownership is proper maintenance, and one major aspect of bike maintenance is keeping it clean. How often you clean your bicycle depends on how you ride. Taking your bike into muddy environments or riding it hard necessitates a frequent cleaning schedule. You should not simply turn a hose on a bike. Water, especially out of a pressurized hose, can damage sensitive bicycle parts. Use water carefully and sparingly. Most parts are best cleaned with a clean dry or damp rag. Others require buffing, brushing, or lubricating. Fluids to use include a solvent for the bike chain; do not use turpentine or kerosene. Some grime cannot be cleaned simply by rinsing. Diluted dishwashing liquid or a ready-made wash are good for cleaning the frame. Always use clean rags. Brushes, especially old toothbrushes, are best for cleaning some parts.


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